Share a Charter Fishing Boat in Puerto Vallarta Hook up with other fishermen for a fabulous day of deep sea fishing by sharing the cost of your deep sea fishing charter in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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Our boat sharing program is for single fishermen or couples who want to pay 50% of our regular charter SERVICES AND RATES by sharing their fishing trip with one or two other anglers. Please use this form to request a boat share, and when we hook you up, we will send your payment instructions and confirm your reservation.
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Maverick Mr Marlin Top Gun
Barrabas any charter available

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6 8 10 12 14
any charter available

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Prices for charter fishing boats in Puerto Vallarta are determined by the boat's size, the fishing location, and the length of your fishing trip. Therefore, the price of a fishing charter is the same whether you have a small fishing party or the maximum number of fishermen allowed by the boat's capacity. If you donít mind sharing the boat and are interested in sharing the cost of your fishing charter, then Mr Marlin's boat sharing program may be the ticket for you.

Mr Marlin's charter share program is available to single fishermen or angling couples who want to pay only 50% of the regular charter rate and share their Puerto Vallarta fishing charter with one or two other anglers. To request a Boat Share simply fill out the request form, and we will do our best to hook you up with other fishermen for a fabulous day of deep sea fishing. It should be noted that the 35 and 36-ft sportfishers are the most requested boats for sharing.

The more advance notice you give us, the more likely we are to find a fishing boat for you to share. If we do find someone to share your fishing charter with you, we will send you an email with deposit instructions. We require a deposit to confirm your reservation, which cannot be canceled without penalties. Please see our SITE POLICIES for more information about online payments and cancellation policies.

Boat Sharing Benefits:

If you love to fish, by sharing a boat you can often go fishing twice in the same week, instead of taking one single charter for the same cost.

If you are traveling by yourself this is a great opportunity to meet people.

You can learn a lot from the other anglers onboard.

People who get seasick just want to sleep, leaving the fishing all to you!


Seeing as both parties have paid an equal amount, it can be difficult to decide who gets to catch the fish. At times only one marlin or gamefish is caught on a trip, so if it is a serious dream of yours to land one of these magnificent fish, sharing may not be for you. The way the order of rotation is decided is by flipping a coin when you board the boat to decide who gets the first strike, and then alternate throughout the day.

Your views on catch and release may not agree with those of the other party.

You have to sit and watch someone else fight YOUR Marlin because you were lower on the angler rotation.

You may not like the people you are sharing your charter with and will have to spend the day on the boat with them. (Alcohol makes people do strange things - even more so on boats)

Some people just don't know when to SHUT UP AND FISH!

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