Guide to Puerto Vallarta Tours and Activities There's more to Puerto Vallarta than just fishing - including biking, snorkeling and scuba diving, cruises, horseback riding, jungle tours and golf

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Puerto Vallarta ActivitiesThere's more to Puerto Vallarta than just fishing! There are many exciting things to do (and places to go) for the adventurous tourist in Puerto Vallarta - including biking, snorkeling and scuba diving, cruises on the bay, horseback riding into the Sierra Madres, and golf.

Mr Marlin's Activity Center offers only the best and most reliable Charters/Tours in Puerto Vallarta. Our main focus is to provide fishermen and non-fishermen with the most accurate information and reservations for tours and activities. We act as your "Online Concierge" for booking all kinds of tours and activities, and we can provide you with all of the information you'll need to make your vacation in Puerto Vallarta special.

City and Tropical Tour
An introductory tour of Puerto Vallarta that takes in the highways and byways, the old and the new, and provides you with an opportunity to get to know the town and find your bearings. We show you the most interesting sights, visit spectacular beaches and even give you a preview of the jungle. During the tour you have enough time to take pictures, have a refreshing drink or do some shopping. We stop at a restaurant in the rainforest for lunch (not included) where there is time for a dip in the river.

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Hiking and Jungle Tour
From your hotel, we drive you to the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains. Here our trip really begins. This excursion will take you along mountain streams and shady paths, and, from the brows of jungle-covered hills, provides you with spectacular views of secluded valleys and the Pacific Ocean. Your personal, bilingual guide will identify native plants, birds and wildlife. Includes round trip transportation, lunch and two drinks.

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Horseback Riding
We believe that riding should be fun and just as exciting as you want it to be and we do our best to make sure that it is. We deal with three ranches and have horses to suit everyone's comfort level: from "auto-pilot" to the real thing. Starting in the foothills, our guides will lead you along jungle trails and, (if it is safe), along riverbeds, until we reach a mountain lookout with panoramic views of the Bay. There is a stop at a rustic restaurant where you may purchase beverages or food.

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Fiesta Mexicana
The drama, color and costumes of the swirling dances, the twirling ropes and snapping lariats of the charros, the brassy high notes and the guitar rhythms of the Mariachi - these are the sights and sounds of Mexico! The margaritas, the cervezas, the tacos, the tamales, the sizzling beef, the fresh fish - these are the flavors of Mexico! We combine all these sights, sounds and flavors in the Fiesta Mexicana: a night of fun, entertainment, games and prizes that is pure Mexico! Includes snacks, dinner, open bar.

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Marietas Islands Cruise
The Marietas, a Cousteau favorite, are a protected sanctuary for a unique selection of birds and marine life. Whales, dolphins and giant mantas are a regular sight from November through April. We will take you there aboard a U.S.G.G. approved, 73ft catamaran complete with bathrooms and freshwater shower facilities. At the islands there is the opportunity to snorkel, kayak, scuba dive or tour the volcanic grottos in a small boat. Back on board it is time for a hearty lunch while we make our way to a secluded, white-sand beach where you can relax in the sun for an hour before we start back to Puerto Vallarta. Music, dancing, entertainment, lunch, open bar - all included.

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Rhythms of the Night
Only an hour's sail away, our journey takes us to the former jungle hideaway of film director John Huston, Las Caletas, which is only accessible by sea. By night this secluded cove is a mesmerizing vision of flickering torches under a star-studded sky. Our candlelit dining experience is one you will cherish for years to come; as the moonlit ocean laps at your feet and tropical palms sway overhead soft music fuses with the song of the jungle - ensuring a heady mix of mysticism and romance. And, just when you feel this reverie could not be any sweeter, a rhythmical drumbeat beckons you into the heart of the shadowy jungle. As the beat intensifies, a torch-lit pyramid appears to rise up from between the palms calling out for you to witness a magical gathering of the spirits, as a hypnotic performance unravels before your very eyes. This is a breathtaking evening unlike any other you will ever witness again.

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Sierra Madre
Most tourists and many Mexicans, never see the real Mexico. The real Mexico starts at the Sierra Madre mountains where tumbling rivers have cut deep canyons into the rock. Here the jungle vibrates with life and color; and "19th century villages" lie beyond the forest. Accompanied by knowledgeable,experienced, bilingual guides, we take you there in Mercedes, all-terrain vehicles, designed to handle the real thing. Beverages are provided and we serve lunch at a secluded beach, where there is the opportunity for a late afternoon dip in the ocean.

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San Sebastian Air Expedition
Nestled right in the heart of the Sierra Madre, San Sebastian is a breathtaking 15-minute flight away. Flying over the Sierra, you will witness some of the most stunning, panoramic views of dramatically plunging canyons, verdant mountains and cascading rivers. San Sebastian dates back to the 17th century, when it was a highly prosperous silver mining town. Set in the midst of a mountain valley, its isolation has ensured the retention of its original colonial charm. Tumbling colonial architecture merges with a colorful village square, quaint cobblestone streets and passing mules. Our professional guides will offer you a comprehensive guided walking tour of the village, giving you a complete insight into a life-style long forgotten. Our tour is completed by lunch served in a beautiful 150 year old Hacienda.

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Las Caletas
A one-hour sea cruise through some of the most dramatic coastal scenery that Vallarta has to offer takes you to this private cove that was originally discovered by the famous film director John Huston. Accessible only by sea, Las Caletas is a tropical nature asylum waiting to be discovered. Take a guided nature walk through the jungle and the unique orchid gardens or stop by our interactive deer and parrot centers. Guided kayak tours, snorkeling tours and scuba diving courses ensure that you will not miss out on the array of sea life inhabiting this natural cove. The height of self-indulgence is to take a therapeutic body massage or facial at our hilltop spa center. Our spa sanctuary offers unparalleled views and warms sea breezes to compliment a completely, natural, de-stress therapy. Las Caletas is, purely and simply, a safe haven from civilization and Mexico's answer to the Garden of Eden.

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Cruise the Bay
A three-stop cruise that packs a lot of variety, fun and excitement into one memorable day. First, explore the underwater world at Los Arcos National Marine Park, where you can snorkel amongst schools of colorful fish. Next, a stop at Las Animas beach where you can enjoy some of the many watersports available (optional), or relax on the white sands, before enjoying a buffet lunch in the shade of our restaurant. The lively crew will keep you entertained all the way there! Includes: Continental breakfast, lunch, open bar on board & snorkeling equipment.

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Marigalante Cruise
The Marigalante is unlike any other vessel on the Bay. Based on the original design, she is an authentic replica of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria. Join us for our cruise to the Marietas Islands, at the edge of the Pacific, and we promise you a day that will be the highlight of your vacation -a link with the past - aboard a real sailing ship. Snorkeling equipment is on board and small launches are provided to tour the fascinating islands. Continental breakfast, all day open bar and barbecue lunch are included.

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Terra Noble
Set high above town with a splendid view of the entire Bay, Terra Noble is a unique experience. Not only is it an extraordinary Spa and Healing Center, but it is also a cultural center established to preserve and teach the techniques of Mexico's prehispanic art forms. At Terra Noble, visitors are given a hands-on opportunity to discover their own hidden talents in the clay and art workshops, relax with a healing massage, or steam away stress in the Sweat Lodge. Optional lunch features prehispanic specialities.

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We offer all the luxury and exclusivity of a private charter, at a price that is well within everyone's reach. Discover the crystal clear waters and abundant marine life of the Bay while our professional, experienced crew pamper you with first class, personalized attention. Snorkel, swim, fish, or just lie back and relax to the sounds of the sea and the sails. Continental breakfast, snacks, lunch, open bar, snorkeling and fishing equipment are all included.

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El Tuito Tour
A great combination of magic views, from palms to pine trees, from the ocean to mountain streams. We will take you to the south of the Bay, into the Sierras, where our first stop will be a riverside restaurant where you can enjoy an American breakfast. Then it is on past El Tuito, a small Mexican village famous for it's mescal or raicilla, to the Ranch Altamira. This 28 acre ranch, nestled in a valley, has more than 30 different varieties of fruit trees and 4 little lagoons well stocked with fish. You can walk, swim, horseback ride, fish or just relax in the clear mountain air. A lunch of lamb, beef or fish is served on the open terrace and, of course, you must sample the raicilla! Includes breakfast, lunch and two drinks.

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Tequila and Guadalajara Day Tour
The small town of Tequila is a breathtaking 35-minute flight from Puerto Vallarta that takes you over the stunning Sierra Madre Mountain range. Our day includes a fascinating tour of the agave plantations and one of town's original distilleries, Hacienda de San Jose, which dates back to the 18th century and produces Herradura Tequila. A 10-minute flight from Tequila takes you to the city of Guadalajara, the birthplace of Mariachi music and Mexico's most inspiring 16th century architecture. Our professional guide will conduct a walking tour through the city center, giving you a chance to marvel at the most famous landmarks. No visit to Guadalajara would be complete without a chance to shop in the famous Tlaquepaque district. This Colonial suburb is famous for it's local craftsmen who produce their own hand carved works of art and ceramics at bargain prices. From the rolling hills of Tequila to the truly impressive colonial city of Guadalajara, this tour offers an excellent insight into Mexico, both past and present.

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